Collect feature requests and know what to build next

There’s nothing worse than building the wrong features!

Collect feedback from your users in a simple tool that your users will love. Use that information to prioritize your roadmap

Users can filter suggestions by their state

Some of our powerful features


Communicate what your team is working on, an let your users know when to expect those features


Announce product updates so that your users are aware of every new feature

Plan Chart

Decide what to build next. Separate gold from coal based on user votes, cost and usage frequency

Email notifications

Users can get email notifications when a feature they posted, voted or commented is updated

Custom branding

You can put your company logo and change the main colors of the app to suit your brand look & feel


Feature voting

Users can vote each other’s suggestions, so you’ll know which features are wanted by more people

Collect feedback from your users with Fidlio and stop using an Excel sheet

Give your users a voice

Fidlio is the best way to collect feedback from your users by letting them suggest new features, and by letting other users vote and make comments on them. You can also take part in the conversation, make internal notes and announce an ETA if you decide to build that feature

You must be getting already many suggestions though email, chat, voice calls, twitter, facebook… And what do you do with that? You write those down on an Excel sheet? There’s no way to manage that in a healthy way! Start using Fidlio, and you’ll see the change!

Visual Roadmap

Let your users know what your team is working on. Which features are Under Review, which are Planned and which are already In Progress (or make your custom status). Let them also know the ETA of each feature.

The roadmap will let your users know what you are working on
Collect feedback from your users without losing your site's look&feel.

Custom look&feel

You can put your logo and change the main colours of the app to match the look&feel of your company.

Plan Chart: know what should you build next

Make decisions based on the cost, usage frequency and user votes of every suggestion. No more guessing!

With our gold & coal chart you'll easily see which features should you build next

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