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Communicate what your team is working on, an let your users know when to expect those features


Announce product updates so that your users are aware of every new feature

Gold & Coal chart

Decide what to build next. Separate gold from coal based on user votes, cost and usage frequency

Custom branding & domain

Put your company logo, change the main colors of the app and pick your custom domain

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a user?

A user is anyone who posts, votes or makes a comment on feedback.
If someone just comes and reads feature requests or comments, he/she will not count as a user.

What is a team member?

Well, obviously, someone who belongs to your team.
And what can they do in Fidlio? Team members can write private comments in feature requests, can edit and delete feature requests and comments and can set the state and the ETA of a feature request.

Do you have a free trial?

Yes, we give you a 14 day free trial. No credit card needed!

What's your cancellation policy?

You can choose the monthly or the yearly plan. No matter what plan you choose, you can cancel your subscription whenever you like, with no penalties. However, we do not offer refunds for a billing period you’ve already paid for.